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Moringa vs Energetic Beverages

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In our last post you can see that Moringa is more than just a product we want to sale. The idea of Moringa Long Island is to give you a community, a friend, an ally of your health. We have 5 points to show you why Moringa is better than an energetic beverage, that sometimes you have to drink to boost your energy. We understand that life sometimes is to exigent, and we need to give our body a push to get the goal before the weekend. 1. Energetic beverages are made with caffeine, vitamins and organic substances. Moringa is natural, extracted from Oleifera plant and it doesn’t need any supplement to act. 2. They are made to give the customers relief to exhaust and fatigue, but when the effects goes away, you feel slow again or worse. Is because the use of glucose and other sugars you feel new energy to your body, but the sensation of this components is temporary. The properties of Moringa are all natural, and the sensations comes from iron and the other natural vitamins and minerals on it. 3. Caffeine produces dependence, that is why you keep consuming these products. Our products will make you feel better because they are good for your body, is not the same need than dependence. 4. The sensation you feel of goodness is because psychoactive components, they act on the nervous system, is other point why is temporary the sensation. Moringa goes directly to your body with its nutrition components: iron for muscles and blood, vitamin A for sight, potassium for pressure, calcium for bones, etc. 5. These beverages are expensives and Moringa can give heal and strength for a...

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