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Moringa Tea for you

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The British do not have an exclusive relationship with tea. The Washington Post reports that Americans are becoming a nation of tea drinkers. There is one special tea that is shooting higher and higher up the scale of preferred teas to drink – Moringa Tea. Also called drumstick tea and horseradish tea, this tea is sought after for its many benefits. According to, Millennials are leading the pack in terms of tea consumption; with four out of five people shown to be consumers of tea. Last year (2015) people in the good old USA drank well over 3.6 billion gallons of tea, or 80 billion servings. The thing that makes moringa tea top-of-mind for many health-conscious tea drinkers is that it is said to be laden with free-radical fighting nutrients. The reason the human body needs something to attack the free radicals that the body is exposed to is that inflammation, cell damage and oxidative stress takes their toll on people. Without something to buffer these or counteract the work of free radicals, the body needs a fighting team. Within the leaves, seeds and flowers of the moringa plant are flavonoids, ascorbic acid and polyphenols. Each one of these things really does the body good.  Flavonoids contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, as do polyphenols. Ascorbic acid is also known as Vitamin C. It treats the common cold, gives the immune system a lift, prevents scurvy, helps with the treatment of lead and the toxicity it produces in the body, helps keep the skin elastic and more. It could probably be said that moringa tea gives the body a good pep talk, as well as offering a different tasty beverage option. When you combat inflammation and other damage by free radicals; you are also protecting and stabilizing organs that are vital to optimum health and survival as well; such as the liver and heart. If you consider all the things we typically want to counter in our daily lives, bacteria and fungus can be added to the list. Moringa tea is drank by many to fight infection and combat these two problematic body invaders as...

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Fact #5: 9 times more Protein than Yogurt

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Following on the Moringa Nutrition Facts, today we will talk about the level of protein contained on our products. First, we have to check the definition of Protein, the reference is from Wikipedia. PROTEIN They are large biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids. Proteins perform a vast array of functions within living organisms, including catalyzing metabolic reactions, replicating DNA, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules from one location to another. Well, something that everyone can understand, and is what matter to us, they are essentials for the grown and maintenance of the whole body tissue. All people practicing some sport, but more about weight lifting, they take proteins to make the muscles grow faster. But is not only for people practicing sports or exercising, is for help to maintenance your body always strong and healthy. Whatever you do, if you only need proteins to be healthy, or if you go to the gym and one a natural help, Moringa is what you need, because when you take a Moringa capsule, or Moringa Powder on your drink, you are getting 9 times more than yogurt can give you, and in a natural way. Moringa provides everything to heal and to be stronger, to maintenance and recovery. Is a complete super food for all ages...

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