The effect of the Moringa Seeds

By on Nov 10, 2015 in | 0 comments

I am very involve in  the Moringa Products, such as the Powder, Oil, Capsule, Seed, Tea and even the Body butter.

I am a mother of two girls and my youngest is five months old. Before I got pregnant I was 133 lbs, going in to give birth I was 198 lbs. After giving birth my body began to resume its regular size slowly, over the past months I dropped the baby weight and stopped at 150 lbs. I tried to be conscious of my health as much as possible, so I am always taking the Moringa products except for the seeds, for some reason I had no interest in the seeds. I knew of if its taste and that when ever it is chewed up and swallowed with water, it gives a sweet taste, but I was still not interested. One day I went to this herbal store and I was speaking with some one and they told me that the Moringa seed alkaline  the water and detoxes the body, ” just dropped a few seeds in the water for 24 hours and see what happens the person said”, but I took it a little further, every morning when I wake up, the first things to my mouth before break fast was some seeds and a glass of water. I did that for two weeks. During that period I noticed that my waist outline looked obvious, I said to my husband that I notice that my waist looked smaller, I got really excited, then days on in the process I noticed that after using the toilet I could feel my stomach contacting uncontrollable as if I was tucking my stomach in, what in fact was happening was that, my stomach was getting smaller and flatter, after two weeks my clothes we almost falling off, I was shedding fat and body waste like crazy. I used to wear a sized 10-8 and now I am wearing a size 6 P- 4.  So, now I know the power of the Moringa seed! I have my own testimony and I shared it because, I want to help other out there who are struggling with their wight; or those who want to lose few lbs. Be health conscious, eat right, take your Moringa supplements  and live a happy life, you would be surprise the changes that will take place in your body.


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